Traveling Stanzas
Mobile Makerspace

Art in the Park
September 9–10, 2023

Why Art?

As artists, educators, and advocates, we know that art matters, in all its various forms and expressions. From the first stroke of a brush on canvas to the last crescendo of a symphony, we know that art is an essential component of our humanity—how we relate to each other, how it can convey what inspires and troubles us, how it helps us grieve, pray, and make memories. For many of us, our art is our primary language through which we translate the world.

Thread Poetry

Share your voice to a community poem.

More Ways to Create


Create your own erasure poem using Emerge.


Make a found poem using the Listening Wall.

Art in the Park

We begin our programming year this weekend at the City of Kent’s Art in the Park. Wick will be taking our Mobile Makerspace to Fred Fuller Park Saturday and Sunday, September 9-10 from 10am to 6pm, and will have a full staff of poets on hand to showcase our interactive poetry tools for visitors of all ages and skills.